Gears of War (PC) Custom Short Level sequence

Project Name: Gears of War – Short Gameplay Example
Project length: 4 weeks

During my time between jobs at Krome Studios and Team Bondi I spent 4 weeks working on a small single player level for Gears of War (PC Version) to demonstrate my skills in the Unreal Engine for scripting and game play / level design. The goal was to cram in as much as I could and polish what I could within 4 weeks.

Here is the first video of my level after 1 week of “Grey Boxing” the design.

Once I was happy with the flow and pacing I decided to move onto polishing what I had in the remaining 3 weeks. As I was between jobs it was important to get this project completed as fast as possible to be able to use the content as part of my folio.

Here is the completed video.

Final thoughts

It has been a while since I have looked at these videos and compared to what I can do now I sort of cringe a little each time hehe.  I will keep this on my site for prosperity but otherwise yeah its dated.

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